when workplace cultures support paternity leave, all employees benefit


It's still a buzz word that can be applied to anything and any type of business, but over the past couple decades, it's often referenced a little too loosely. Some companies get it and work hard to not only put a great culture into practice, but work even harder to implement and follow through on their promises, core values, vision etc.

Other companies say they have a culture, but management from the top down don't live it or act on it and therefore, don't follow through. Yet they expect their employees to. They basically don't practice what they preach. 

I've seen it all too often and have worked for some companies who have flawed cultures and systems in place. They either want to make a job posting look amazing to get great applicants or they do it to 'fluff up' their "Top Company" nominations and submissions. Or they expect the employees to follow through, but not top management. Whatever it is, its nothing but fake news if you ask me. And I hate Trump, but the reference was appropriate.