the future of content marketing is outside the marketing department

Here’s an interesting thought: What if a company’s content was everyone’s responsibility to help levitate, build and grow a brand? I loved this article from The Knowledge Bank because it got me thinking about this very topic that a lot of senior executives roll their eyes at. I've always encouraged companies I've worked for to do the same because there are just some things that should not be restricted to just one department.

Think about it….traditionally, content has always been the responsibility of the marketing team because they strategize and create all the content specific collateral from advertising campaigns to digital media. They are often the ones to set the rules, know the voice and the brand, development the content and dictate where it is to be used and how it is to be used.

But times they are a-changin. It’s been a slow evolution, but over the past 8 years, content marketing’s growth has exploded and for great reason. It’s one of the most important things a company can do: to invest in their content, remain streamlined in their messaging, offer various ways to promote their content and involve the entire company in doing so.

Because everyone speaking the same language only strengthens your brand. There is nothing worse than when you restrict something to just one department because ‘that’s the way it’s always been done’. We are no longer a culture of Mad Men agencies and we are no longer doing things the way they used to be done.

Between podcasts, blogs, print, vlogs and all other forms of new media, everyone is generating content and everyone is finding new ways to do it and everyone in every industry and profession is involved in it. No matter what their role.


Take Ryan Serhant for example. He’s a real estate broker. He was broke at one point trying to make his mark in the bullish NYC real estate market, but then he rose to fame after being cast in the reality show Million Dollar Listing NY. Fast forward 8 years and he’s not only one of the top brokers in NYC with a team of more than 60 who are ranked as the #1 residential sales team in NYC. He also:

Owns his own media group

Vlogs on the regular

Has opened offices in NYC, Brooklyn, LA and Miami

Has become a TV star appearing in Million Dollar Listing NY and his own spin offs, Million Dollar Listing NY: Ryan and Emilia’s Wedding and Sell it Like Serhant. Oh and he’s a sought after speaker and now author.

He is what some would call, a bonafide star. He’s funny, kinda awkward, sincere, honest, yet lovable and he's a former playboy turned happily married man.

By all accounts, one would wonder why he would start a media company and start vlogging because let’s be honest, they are all time consuming and should be left to the ‘marketers’. But the truth of the matter is, that he is a promoter and when people have a fascination or obsession with a person, product or brand, they soak it up. He is the one delivering the message and he is the one who is constantly giving tips and offering a different perspective (not to mention a look into his personal world) and he is the one being vulnerable in front of his audience. People soak this s*** up and THIS is why content is so important outside of the marketing department. He understands and knows his message and brand. He understands the importance of these platforms for his brand. 

The same can be said about Gary Vaynerchuck. He went from posting YouTube videos critiquing wine to help promote and grow his family’s wine business, into building one of the most successful media companies around, Vayner Media. He was one of the early adopters of using video as a way for brands to message their wares on social. To this day, he still does videos on the regular, weekly sometimes daily so his content quotient is through the roof. Much like Ryan Serhant, he is the voice and brand of the company and understands the importance of generating content through various platforms. He doesn’t just expect his marketing department to do the work. He is the marketing department.

Content marketing isn’t just an arm of the marketing department – it’s a hub that helps power all your other marketing efforts. This includes email marketing, social media, lead generation, SEO, thought leadership and brand awareness. It also feeds customer service and support, sales enablement, internal communications and training.

In a perfect marketers world, we would love to see all of this happening, where an entire company embraces content and the importance of why they should be involved and how it can affect a company’s bottom line. 

So the million dollar questions is: why aren't more companies doing this?