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Marketing Advisor

I have a unique set of abilities that stretch beyond a single industry. Because of this, I have gained years of knowledge on how to properly guide and advise a company on various things to help reach their end goal.

This includes:

  • Franchise Marketing. I help companies set up the marketing and brand infrastructure to properly franchise a brand. This includes the guiding principles required to set up the brand well, all communications, marketing policies and guidelines, set-up and maintaining brand control in the marketplace and much more.

  • General Marketing. I understand the general function to run, grow and scale a marketing department whether it’s 1 or 10 people. I offer hands-on guidance on how to best utilize marketing for your brand so long as you’re willing to learn and invest. This includes everything from reviewing current marketing initiatives, directing the team to the right position to best achieve their goals, supporting the development and implementation of key marketing tactics and much more.